An Official Event of NSSF


July 10

9:30–10:15 AM

The Journey to Building and Operating a Range-Retail Business Startup – Lessons Learned Panel

Considering opening a range? Learn valuable lessons from those who have recently done it and are now succeeding. Think zoning may be a challenge in your market? Hear from Peter Diamond, who opened The Range LA in California, and the challenges he overcame. Struggling to secure funding? Jared Meeks will explain how he made it work by leveraging his existing gun store, adding a partner and installing some of the range equipment to open Alabama Firearms Academy. Want to be a firearm instructor but have nowhere nice to take a family shooting? Thom Beyer solved this problem with his wife, Julie, by building The Range in McKinney in Texas. Learn what he figured out through the process, from choosing the right equipment and hiring/retaining staff to knowing what to do with inventory and more.

These panelists will share what’s involved in going from initial planning to opening the doors, and they’ll discuss days in the life of a gun-range owner. Get your questions answered on memberships, marketing, maintenance — and if it’s worth it.

10:45–11:30 AM

The Power of Branding: Going Beyond a Logo Lockup

Discover the transformative power of branding beyond a logo—dive into essential principles of creating a brand that deeply connects with your audience and elevates your business strategy. This session, led by a consumer goods branding expert who recently opened a range-retail business with her husband, will reveal how a robust brand can amplify your advertising effectiveness, enable premium pricing, and significantly boost your bottom line. Learn practical strategies for increasing brand equity and affinity, and how to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Ideal for both established retailers seeking a brand refresh and newcomers aiming to make a mark, don't miss this chance to strengthen your brand and ensure the long-term success of your business.

12:30–1:15 PM

Enhancing Revenue and Customer Interaction Via Used Firearms

Selling used firearms offers several advantages over selling new firearms only, including higher margins. In this session, you’ll learn that, as with most sales programs, there are risks associated with selling used firearms but that such risks can be mitigated by establishing appropriate acquisition and sales guidelines and adhering to them. You’ll also learn about proven strategies for procurement of used firearms and that having a solid plan to sell used firearms is as important as acquiring them. By following best buying and selling practices, you’ll have added a lucrative revenue stream to your business, increased customer interaction and added a new reason for customers to visit your business.

1:45–2:30 PM

Time to Reload Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn modern-day digital marketing strategies that are NOT being censored. Currently, it has never been more difficult for FFLs to market their website in their local communities. These tips and strategies will help guide you to take the power back through digital marketing and make sure new and returning customers can easily find your business online.

2:45–3:30 PM

YouTube Crash Course

Elevate your brand's presence on YouTube with Luke Williams in our exclusive Crash Course tailored just for the firearm industry. Dive into the intricate workings of YouTube's algorithm and uncover the secrets to boosting your visibility and engagement. Learn how to create compelling content that captivates your audience and keeps them coming back for more. Discover the importance of consistency and scheduling to maintain a loyal following. We will also go over advanced optimization techniques, from mastering video SEO to encouraging viewer interaction through engaging calls-to-action. From collaborating with fellow YouTubers to leveraging social media platforms, Luke will show you how to extend your brand's reach beyond YouTube to help drive sales.

4:00–4:45 PM

The Paperless Road Traveled: FFLs and Industry Experts Share Their Journey to Digital Records

In the evolving landscape of firearm compliance, transitioning from traditional paper to digital records presents challenges and opportunities. “The Paperless Road Traveled” is a panel discussion for FFL holders looking to modernize their record-keeping practices and enhance compliance with ATF regulations. Join us as experienced FFL holders and firearm compliance experts share their insights, strategies and real-world experiences moving to digital records. This panel will illuminate the path to a digital transition and focus on how such moves can help FFLs avoid common violations cited by the ATF.

Key Highlights:

  • Understanding the Digital Shift
  • Overcoming Transition Challenges
  • Real-Life Success Stories
  • Expert Insights
  • Q&A Session
July 11

9:15–10:00 AM

A Practical Guide to Using AI Tools for Everyday Marketing, Sales and Content Creation for Your Range and Retail Store

Attention gun store and range owners and employees! This session is all about putting the power of AI tools to work in your daily operations. No fluff, just practical applications that will make your life easier and boost productivity.

Join our panel of experts from Bravo Store Systems as we dive deep into leveraging AI for marketing, sales and content creation. We'll showcase the capabilities of leading platforms like Gemini, ChatGPT, Claude, Vocal Video and Vidyard and demonstrate how you can use them in your business.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Insights into each AI tool's functions and real-world applications.
  • Concrete examples of how these tools can tackle marketing campaigns, craft sales pitches, generate content across various formats and more.
  • A hands-on workshop where you'll get to create your own prompts and generate content using the featured AI platforms.
  • Handouts with best practices, specific prompts and resources so you can put these ideas into practice immediately.

Walk away with the knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the curve and make your job a whole lot simpler with the right AI tools in your arsenal.

10:15–11:00 AM

Transforming New Hires into Rock Star Employees

This Cross-Functional Training Blueprint for the range/retail industry equips managers and team leaders with a structured and actionable training framework. This specialized program is tailored to the unique demands of the range/retail sector, emphasizing a cross-functional approach to rapidly onboard and elevate new hires into versatile, high-performing team members.

Attendees will leave this course with a clear understanding of effective onboarding strategies that integrate cross-functional training to enhance the versatility and engagement of new hires. We’ll explore methods for identifying and nurturing the inherent strengths and potential of new employees in a range/retail setting; leadership techniques to support a learning environment that encourages experimentation, feedback and continuous improvement; the design and implementation of a structured, step-by-step cross-functional training program aligned with business objectives; and evaluation techniques to measure the impact of the training program on individual and team performance, as well as on the broader organizational goals.

11:30 AM–12:15 PM

Text Marketing Bullseye: Panel Insights from the Firearm Industry

Join Ben Nelson, CEO of Otter Technologies, as he moderates an enlightening panel discussion with leading figures from the firearm retail, ecommerce and range sectors. This special event shines a spotlight on the remarkable successes achieved through text marketing in the firearm industry, directly from those at the forefront. Our distinguished panelists, handpicked for their innovative contributions and results in text marketing, will share their journey, strategies and the significant impacts these efforts have had on their businesses.

Expect to dive deep into discussions on customer engagement enhancement, sales growth and the navigation of industry-specific challenges, all through the lens of text marketing. This session is designed for industry veterans and newcomers alike, offering a unique opportunity to gather proven insights, learn about best practices and discover how text marketing can be a game-changer in your business strategy.

Under Ben's leadership, attendees will explore the synergy between technology and marketing in the firearm sector. Prepare to leave with valuable knowledge, innovative ideas and the motivation to implement effective text marketing campaigns that hit your target every time. Whether you're refining your current strategies or just beginning to explore the potential of text marketing, this panel discussion is an essential addition to your professional toolkit.

1:00–1:45 PM

Flowing Toward Success: Mastering the Art of Business Cash Flow Management

In this presentation, we delve into a critical aspect of business operations: cash flow management. We will explore the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow, understanding its components and mastering strategies to optimize it. From forecasting to monitoring and controlling cash flows, we will uncover practical techniques and tools to ensure your business stays afloat in any economic climate. Join us as we navigate the financial currents toward sustainable growth and prosperity.

  • Attendees will walk away from this presentation with tactics and tools they can immediately implement when they get back to their stores.
  • A workbook covering all the topics and tactics will be provided for all attendees.
Additional Compliance Training Education After RRBE
Targeting Compliance: Mastering ATF Guidelines

2:30–3:15 PM

Avoiding Revocation – Creating a Culture of Compliance

The era of “zero tolerance” has seen a marked increase in FFL inspections, reported violations and referrals for license revocation. In many cases, FFLs find themselves being pressured to surrender their license to avoid lengthy and costly legal entanglements with the ATF. In this session, you will hear from compliance experts and legal minds working on the front lines of defending FFLs dealing with revocation under the zero-tolerance policies put in place by the Biden administration. Learn how best practices, operational procedures, technology and mindset can help you avoid the issue of revocation altogether.

3:30–4:15 PM

Compliance Strategies to Help Protect and Grow Your Business

Making money at the expense of your ATF records can cost you your business. In this session, you will hear from two former ATF officials, now serving on NSSF’s trusted team of compliance consultants, about the strategies and tactics you need to incorporate in your daily routine to build a comprehensive compliance program in your store. Employing these essential compliance practices will not only improve your ability to pass an ATF inspection with flying colors but also will help create efficiencies that will allow you to put focus on other areas that can improve profitability, brand recognition and customer loyalty.

4:30–5:15 PM

Looking Ahead – Exploring Compliance and Upcoming Rules Through an Open Q&A Discussion

Since the signing of BSCA, we have been anticipating some big changes in compliance practices. At some point, FFLs will have the ability to conduct background checks on current and prospective staff and check serialized inventory coming in from the secondary market. We will explore what we know so far to help you prepare for these changes. Throughout this session, our panel of compliance experts will take questions from the audience to help round out our afternoon of compliance education.